Cheap 8 Seater Car Rental Services to Facilitate Your Family Outings 

Professional car rental services are increasingly growing popular for efficient transportation. Primarily used for families or large group outings, 8 seater car rental services are usually the first solution that people look for in Gold Coast. When pre-booked at A Better Value Car Hire, our cars are located right outside the airport or hotel, facilitating greater accessibility. 

We possess a wide array of budget, medium-sized, big-sized, and luxury cars. Some offer simple features, while others are expensive with multiple amenities. Our cars are available for sightseeing around the city or for chauffeur service. 

How do 8 Seater Car Rentals Help with City Exploration?

When travelling with family, it’s advisable to hire 8 seater cars which are one of the most convenient and comfortable modes of transportation in Gold Coast for reaching your destination. Our professional chauffeurs are well behaved and well mannered. They take care of your belongings and keep your luggage safe. Most of our drivers are local. Thus, they know routes well and help you save a lot of money when reaching your destination. 

Our drivers ensure customers get all the facilities and services and feel free during their travels. The cars we have in our fleet are equipped with a music system, car freshener, air conditioner and many more features that make customers feel calm and relaxed. Book our services when you plan to go to a business meeting in a group. 

Why Choose ABVCH? 

The type of transportation you use is one of the most important decisions you make when planning an occasion or event. At ABVCH, we offer 7-8 seater car hire services that serve as the perfect alternative for medium or large business groups. 

Comfort and convenience are the primary features that give car rentals a competitive advantage over other transportation means. Book with us in advance to arrive and leave your destination together. Call us now on 07 5619 3870 or drop us a mail at NOW!

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