Take Your Family on a Tour with 12 Seater Van Hire Services 

Are you planning to take your entire family out on tour? Hire 12 seater van hire services in Gold Coast. Serving as one of the most comfortable means of transportation, car rentals eliminate all auto maintenance and servicing expenses. 

Car rentals are a great solution if you do not require a car every day but only on special occasions. It offers all the freedom to travel through the city’s outskirts, wanderlust-inducing and remote places. Explore the hidden gems of your city — hilltop views, mountain restaurants and stunning waterfalls — at your leisure and convenience. 

Experience Distinct Travelling Freedom with 12 Seater Vehicle Hire

Many people find travelling with strangers on public transport challenging and uncomfortable. Moreover, public transport or shared transport facilitates a limited view of the sights. Rent a 12 seater minibus hire service and go out on an adventure for yourself with your chosen group. Plan the trip as it works for you, at your leisure and comfort.  

With car rental and 12 seater van hire services from A Better Value Car Hire, you can stop at any place you like in Gold Coast and marvel at its beauty. However secluded the place may be, if it can be reached by bus or taxi, our cars can take you there. Either you or our chauffeurs can suggest alternative routes to the destination. Thus, opting for a car hire proves to be a safer option to explore and bask in the magical feeling of a wonderful adventure tour. 

Why Choose ABVCH? 

At A Better Value Car Hire, we believe that you should have a stress free and comfortable experience when visiting a new place. Our services will provide you with an extra bit of peace of mind. 

Consult us for affordable rental options for luxury vehicles. You can also benefit from our expert chauffeur services. To know more about our services, drop us a mail at enquiries@abettervaluecarhire.com.au or call us at 07 5619 3870!

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